Propriety Tools


In current scenario markets are typically characterized by uncertainty about the future, particularly in the case of pharmaceutical/bio-pharmaceutical markets. New product indication, line extension, change in reimbursement scenario can shoot up the brand revenue while entry of a new competitor and generic erosion can cost to the company. Assessment of impact of these positive and negative events is not always easy; complications come when to quantify the impact and to see the difference which they bring. Pinnacle is a kind of research tool that can deliver data, analysis and forecasting integrates with clinical, prescription, and patient information with the insight and forecasting abilities developed by a team of researchers, analysts and physicians.


Childhood immunization rates remains suboptimal and for other age groups immunization rates are considerably lower than those for early childhood. Government, vaccines manufacturing firms, health care practitioners and health agencies are the main stakeholders working on this area to meet the immunization objective. They often look for reliable data and analysis, targeted vaccines, immunization schedule, coverage rate, immunization gap, historical trend and demand forecast in a single platform. VacPot will enable stakeholders to have a quick quality update every time.


Nothing is more important than how customer feel about your brand. Emotions connected to brand like level of satisfaction, happiness, anticipation, disgust open a new vista altogether. These are beyond the sphere of Yes, No, and Neutral. We perform emotions analysis that looks into the expressed and suggested connection to brand and make our client enable to leverage multiple data sources to track and measure brand’s performance. iLadder solution enables sales operations and product management to track brand performance across multiple channels, and provides product specific intelligence reports for accurate and timely strategic discussion.


To remain abreast in today’s challenging environment pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical firms are in need of vital information about their competition & pipeline intelligence across the globe. Getting this at right time is the key. We at mra group, understand this criticality, encapsulate such information into meaningful data, do a thorough analysis and present it with our insightful recommendation. Considering dynamicity of pipeline and firm’s tailor made requirement on therapy area, product segment, indication, geography and others, we provide solution via dynamic platform iCI.


Everyone recognizes the value of thought leaders or opinion leaders. In healthcare and pharmaceuticals it matters much more as decision maker is physicians/doctors/specialists and their opinion is highly influenced by KOLs either directly or indirectly. Our propriety tool iDocNet help to identify appropriate KOLs, map and measure KOL influence, segment and target KOL’s by requirement/opportunity values.


Conferences and congresses are the key to uncover knowledge and bring all major stakeholders at a single platform to discuss and share the topic of common interest like drug discovery development, clinical progress of an asset/entity, launch of new drug, market research conferences. Such high level discussion are always a reference for lot many concerned players. Nevertheless, such platform is also helpful in new business relationships. While conferences are so important many a time interested companies are not able to join congress/conferences. Through iConfTrack we cover all the major/concerned conferences based on subject matter. iConfTrack keep you updated every time.


You have chosen us and we ensure you the quality work each time every time. We, at mra group create a unique live reporting system “Data Live” that would give you platform to access to track your research at every step with highest level of transparency as we believe satisfaction is what drives the synergy. You will get platform to see data of every piece and clarification support from our analyst team. You can raise your concerns and suggestion to make the research more effective.

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