Oncology Expertise


Oncology always has been one of the most sought after therapy area and continues to be key growth areas for the market. Underlying reasons are unmet need, ever increasing prevalence, premium pricing, significant off label usage and others.Therefore companies must keep them abreast with the evolving and complex nature of the oncology environment such as changing regulations, payer relationships and market access challenges.

Although significant improvements in the diagnosis and development of various molecules to treat cancer have been made, however; it remains a major healthcare challenge worldwide. More than 11Mn people are diagnosed with some kind of cancer every year, and the cancer therapy market is one of the leading pharmaceutical markets globally.

Cancer Facts:

•  Cancer is leading cause of death worldwide with 7.6Mn deaths in 2008. It is estimated to riseto 13.1Mn deaths in 2030
•  Global healthcare expenditures for cancer treatment exceed $110Bn annually
•  Approx. 28% of all drug research is targeted at cancer
•  Year 2011 saw 887 drugs in Phase I, Phase II, Phase III development for cancer including 108 for leukemia, 98 for lung cancer, and 91 for breast cancer

Key Questions:

•  How is oncology market different from other pharmaceutical and biotech market?
•  What are the key factors for success in market for cancer drugs?
•  How to develop pricing and reimbursement strategy for new cancer drugs?
•  What lessons can be learned from launch price and reimbursement trends for all approved cancer drugs (US, EU and Asia)?
•  What are reimbursement models that are emerging for cancer drugs in the US, EU, Latin and Asian markets?
•  Understanding the role of particular biomarker in predicting treatment efficacy, toxicity, prognosis, suitability for therapy and disease stage?
•  Which all biomarkers have been approved?Identify what competitors are using?

How We Help:

•  We provide analysis that places each drug in context against key competitors and market events
•  Comprehensive analysis on patient characteristics, diagnosis, cell type, stage, current and previous treatment, oncology adjunct product usage and adverse effects
•  We provide solutions pertaining to identifying potential competitors, size the market, benchmarking against competitors, designing tactics and materials to help sales forces achieve targets
•  Insight on biomarkers already in clinical practice as well as various upcoming biomarkers, their effect on diagnosis, prognosis and treatment management

Business Impact:

•  Enable client to understand the potential of drug candidates and companies suitable for partnering or in-licensing for oncology therapeutics
•  Support with regard to strategic positioning, pricing and tactical implementation
•  Identification of biomarkers that work on large populations, which are valuable in diagnosing the disease reliably, choice of multiple therapeutic alternatives to benefit the patients
•  Improve understanding on industry by conducting peer interviews with industry participants at all levels of the healthcare value chain

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