Quantitative Research Services

Quantitative research is designed to measure the proportion/incidence of various opinions, beliefs, and attitudes about concepts, products, services, issues, and advertising in a chosen sample. It is confirmatory and structured in nature, and helps us gain as much insight as possible to recommend a final course of action.

Our additional competency lies with qualitative field research in healthcare sector, we cover optimum sample of specialists, physician, retailers and all other concerned respondents. The strength of our panel allows us to successfully deliver high end projects. We rely on our in-house field personnel, recruitment procedure, interviewing techniques, data collection and tabulation to ensure timely project completion. We maintain authenticity and transparency by providing 100% audio recorded data.

We perform quantitative data research by various techniques:

•  Face-to-Face: We conduct F2F interview to understand the respondent behavior, attitude, expression to any questions or facts, and body language
•  Computer Aided Telephonic Interview (CATI): We are committed to the highest globally accepted CATI survey research standards. Our additional features with excellent supervision are in multi-mode interviewing, TDI’s, Customer satisfactions studies, Consumer product, Business – to – Business interviewing to provide a great height to research
•  Computer Aided Personal Interview (CAPI): CAPI is used more often, especially for quick turnaround surveys. Our interviewers are highly experienced and it is a major factor, because the methodological survey-literature stresses the importance of good (non-verbal) communication and harmony between interviewers and respondents. Our CAPI structure is composed of sample selection, office management systems, transmission, remote device and survey software
•  Computer Aided Web Interview (CAWI): CAWI is economic and quicker than its competitive research pathways. CAWI removes the interviewer’s subjective influence. With CAWI, it is possible to integrate commercials to get detailed understanding and is possible to integrate highly complicated questionnaires (For example conjoint analysis, analog and respondent perceptions) and it offers a great advantage of paperless data collection
•  Virtual Round Table (VRT): VRT provides an opportunity to collaborate, share ideas, and comment on any subject. Our Virtual Roundtables employ the latest online collaboration tools, from threaded conversations to webinars
•  Online Surveys: Online surveys are faster, economic, accurate, quick and easy to analyze, easy for the participant, and is more honest, selective and flexible. Few of its challenges are limited sampling, respondent availability and possible co-operation between respondent and researcher

We offer complete quantitative support. In addition to collecting data, we can assist in conceptualizing survey and in creating an appropriate questionnaire. We have an expert team and several report writers to assist in the analysis of data and the creation of tables, figures and reports.

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