Non-profit Organisation Services

Impact Assessment of a Healthcare Program:

Non-profit organizations and service providers are playing a critical role in the financing and delivery of health care services.They are primarily responsible for placing the financed health care programs/projects on the ground and execution to achieve its prime objective. Stakeholders in this system such as investors, fund donors, beneficiaries, non-profit organizations and volunteers are concerned to run a program effectively and make it sustainable.

In order to achieve the objective it becomes imperative to evaluate the health effects of programs/ projects, and to share the information to relevant stakeholders - decision makers.

Evaluation is done after considering parameters such aschange in the lives of beneficiaries, their households, changing needs of existing beneficiaries, potential demand for new offerings, and the appropriateness of delivery systems.

Impact assessments can contribute to a better understanding of the system served by health care agencies/organizations by providing relevant information.

Key Questions:

•  Who are the actual beneficiaries? What are their characteristics and their needs?
•  How do beneficiaries use offerings and services of program?
•  How health care service providers/ non-profit organizations make a bridge between fund donor and service receiver?
•  What is the perception of program/project and health care service providers/ non-profitorganization amongst beneficiaries and care taker?
•  What alternative kinds of offerings and services do existing currently and what potential services beneficiaries may want?

How We Help:

•  Analyze the perceived and actual benefit of a program/project for beneficiaries
•  Profiling of program swith respect to target audience and healthcare service provider
•  Analyze emerging trends within patient community and other stakeholders
•  Identifying consumer attitudes and perceptions towards health care service and channel involved
•  Evaluation report on various other programs and viability study on future programs

Program Impact:

•  Enable client to have clear picture on impact of a health care program and its effectiveness
•  Understand the role of healthcare service provider in channelizing the service and offerings
•  Enable client to map and profile various programs with respect to target audience and planning a future program effectively
•  Analysis and insight around a program/project

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