Emerging Market

Emerging Markets:

In recent years global pharmaceutical/bio-pharmaceutical industry has been experiencing a shift in its development – moving from major mature markets toa set of new dynamics in emergingcountries.Emerging markets are now the most dynamic and rapidly growing markets.

Developing economies such as Brazil, China, India, Russia, offers the optimum potential and represent an important source of future business. However, these markets are so diverse that to be successful there, pharma companies will have to adopt a variety of models and understand the dynamics in these markets.


•  In Russia, up to 70% of pharmaceutical market is paid for out of pocket by consumers
•  In China, domestic companies are growing faster than MNCs fueled by local products
•  China is expected to lead the pharmaceuticals industry in the top five emerging nationsby 2016 followed by Brazil and India
•  In Brazil, market is dominated by generics as more and more physician prescribing molecules instead of brand names
•  Indian market is flooded with brand (branded and branded generic) name as in India doctors usually prescribe brandnames rather than molecule name

Key Questions:

•  What are the best approaches for market entry?
•  What new and innovative partnership models are emerging in each market?
•  What geography is most attractive pertaining to different therapy area?
•  What is the pricing scenario in emerging markets with respect to western markets?
•  How will companies bring high-quality health care to patients in the emerging markets?
•  What are the different regulatory and registry challenges in different emerging market geographies?

How We Help:

•  Assess country requirements in light of the company's situation in the market and the overall global operations strategy
•  Evaluating and preparing a road map for market entry and establish priority markets and therapy areas
•  Analysis to help decision making for partnership and weigh the trade-offs
•  Analysis on product pricing that should be better fit for each market

Business Impact:

•  Enable client to understand on regulatory and registry steps to be followed for market entry
•  Helped client to get in-depth understanding of the market and practical insights
•  Strategic recommendations by assessing core competencies, assets and the competitive environment
•  Enable client to have right balance on pricinga product with respect to different market

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