Social Media Insight

Social Media:

Social media is dynamic, cost effective way to initiate and maintain connection with a large number of key stakeholders including patients, physicians, payer, providers and advocacy groups. Social media analytics is a research based technique and can be applied across product value chain.

In healthcare sector, social media has emerged as an effective tool for customer engagement, patient concern, drug efficacy & side effect, disease management, advocacy communication and by monitoring these companies can refine brand strategy, patient collateral, and even revise communications with physicians. Top pharmaceutical market players have started integrating social media in to their marketing mix.

Key Questions:

•  Who is getting engaged in conversation on a brand or therapeutic indication?
•  What are they engaging for?
•  What management and treatment strategies have they found useful?
•  What are their unmet needs?
•  How does social media insight sync with product value chain?
•  What’s the central focus of social media participation? Marketing, industry trend tracking or customer perception?
•  What are the key social media opportunities for healthcare organization?

How we help

•  Analyze and report the description of various aspects of patient journeys through disease,
   diagnosis, and treatment(including concern, emotions and experience)
•  Perform varied kind of analysis like time trend, switching concerns, unmet patient needs,    efficacy/safety/cost profiles by using social media data
•  Profiling of a product with respect to efficacy, safety, adverse events and patient outlook
•  Analyzeemerging trends within patient community and physicians
•  Identifying consumer attitudes and perceptions and sentimental analysis about product
•  Evaluation report on program /campaign

Business Impact:

•  Enable client to have clear idea on perception of physicians and revise more effective communication plan
•  Social media engagement around an indication or a disease area region wise
•  Understand brand and product acceptance at the level of customer &end consumer
•  Help client to make better business decisions about products, packaging, and promotion
•  Enable client to map and profile KOLs/physicians by using social media
•  Analysis and insight around a conferences or congresses

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