Diabetes Expertise

Diabetes Mellitus:

Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common non-communicable diseases globally. It is the fifth leading cause of death in most of the high-income countries and there is substantial evidence that it has increased over a period of time in many economically developing countries.

As diabetes rate is growing due to changes in obesity rate, treatment of the disease is increasingly passing to general practitioners in large numbers from a smaller range of specialist doctors.

The global $40Bn diabetes drugs market could be worth as much as $53Bn in 2016, making it the second-largest therapeutic area by sales in the pharmaceuticals industry after cancer.

There are approx. 100 new therapies in mid to late stage clinical trials. The launch landscape for new pharmaceutical products in diabetic therapy has shifted dramatically, with physician access and payer influence two of the biggest changes facing launch teams.

Diabetes Facts:

•  Diabetes population are growing at fast pace. More than 366Mn people worldwide had diabetes in 2011 with approx. 10 million newly diagnosed cases
•  4.6 million people died due to diabetes and 183 million people (50%) with diabetes are undiagnosed
•  India comprises 12% of world’s diabetic population, projected to 20% by 2025
•  Diabetes accounted for at least USD 465Bn out of total healthcare expenditures in 2011
•  Type 2 diabetes comprise about 85 to 95% of all diabetes in high-income countries

Key Questions:

•  What is the current diabetes market size and market dynamics?
•  Which all are the key assets in pipeline and what is their potential?
•  In which way diabetes diagnostic devices market would perform in near future?
•  Which key performance measures drive overall sales for current diabetic drugs?
•  How newly launched products take shape in diabetes market and what are the benchmarks?
•  What are the drivers for future growth in diabetes market?

How We Help:

•  Analysis of all major diabetes drugs and key trends which are currently affecting the market.
•  In-depth analysis of the future growth drivers in the market
•  Pipeline analysis and competitive landscaping reports depending on MOA
•  Explore unmet needs in the sector with therapeutic requirements and commercial opportunities
•  Analysis on prescribing behavior on diabetic drugs
•  Dynamics of diabetes diagnostic devices market

Business Impact:

•  Enable client to have understanding about all major diabetic drugs, forecasting and pipeline landscaping through our expert analysis.
•  Provide customized solution to client about market behavior, prescription pattern scenario, market size and other vital parameters.
•  Help client to gain market share in the diabetic segment by identifying competitors & key trends in the market.

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