Hospital Research

Hospital service’s market represents one of the most lucrative segments of the healthcare industry. Various factors such as, increasing prevalence of diseases, improving affordability, and rising penetration of health insurance are fuelling growth in the hospital industry.

Healthcare service can be categorized with 4 level of service: primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary and the nature of the operation can be segmented into public and private.


•  Most of the developed economies have 3 hospital beds per 1000 population while in developing countries this is below 3 beds
•  Average doctors per 1000 population are above 3 in OECD countries while it is less than 2 in South East Asia
•  Registered number of nurses per 1000 population is above 8 in OECD countries while it is 5 in south East Asia

Key Questions:

•  What are potential customers' needs and price expectations?
•  What is the buying behavior of various hospitals procurement department?
•  How is the decision making process for medical device and how is there experience?
•  How can product or service be designed to meet the need of target market and the competitive environment?
•  What are the strengths and weaknesses of other players?
•  How much capacity does a particular service line have?
•  How much of a demand is there for the service being considered?

How we help

•  Profiling and prioritization of service line being offered
•  Perception mapping of patients, care takers about hospital services and providers
•  Competitive benchmarking of various hospitals with respect to set up (organized/unorganized, private/public) and service providing (primary/secondary/tertiary)

Business Impact

•  Understanding on various marketing strategies adopted by various hospitals
•  Enable client to get an idea about competitive environment pertaining to different service line

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