Hospital Market Expansion

Hospitals have developed expansion method for achieving growth and secure revenue in order to maintain stability. Hospitals have begun employing new strategies to expand their market presence and compete for valuable patients.

There has been a significant shift in expansion strategies in recent years whereby many hospitals and healthcare systems are expanding into new geographic areas in order to extend services to more patients.

Key Questions:

•  What are the different modes of expansion?
•  What are the pros and cons in each model of expansion?
•  How can new service be designed to meet the need of target market and the competitive environment?
•  How much demand is there for the service being considered?

How We Help?

•  Concept assessment on product/service/offering development
•  Analyze the current service lines and estimate the potential for prospective specific ones like cardiac, cancer treatment
•  Analyze the option of inorganic growth like acquisition of existing hospital and estimate the cost benefit ratio
•  Evaluation of service offerings by moving up in value chain like building ICU, ambulatory care facilities, emergency medical transport systems

Business Impact:

•  Enable client to understand feasibility behind the expansion, if required, estimation cost go for opportunity cost estimation
•  Detailed understanding of consumer demand behind service offerings in order to finalize expansion
•  Clients are able to consider a wide range of expansion scenarios by changing the input

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