Hospital Market Entry

Hospitals must look the opportunity to receive market analysis to be ready with intensive preparation and exploration of business possibilities, and target to have support for the establishment and extension of business activities in defined geographies.

The hospital industry is different from many other industries in that its markets are characterized by heterogeneous service products, asymmetric information, extensive government regulation, and the presence of nonprofit firms.

Key Questions:

•  What are the existing hospitals in the new geography?
•  What all are the entry barriers and how it can be addressed?
•  Which is the best market to penetrate?
•  How can we best align our assets, capabilities with the new market scenario and new stakeholders?
• How is the hospital industry evolving and on the basis of what?

How We Help?

•  Analysis on market entry parameters (feasibility, concept viability, partnership support and various others) with respect to different geographies
•  Estimating the attractiveness of various specialties for the hospital through a detailed market analysis as well as an economic analysis
•  Understanding the role of the referring consultants and key factors defining their choice
•  Strategy defining for development of the referral network for the hospitals
•  Assessing the performance of standalone diagnostic centers to evaluate the option of offering low cost diagnostic to patients
•  Profiling of key physicians and surgeons

Business Impact:

•  Enable client to gauge on benchmarking of hospital performance over the last few years across the geography
•  Enable client to formulate strategies for improving cost structure, asset utilization, specialty focus, internal processes, collections, customer management etc.
•  Enable client to have a complete idea about attractiveness and demand of facilities across key specialty areas

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