Hospital Database

Hospital database contain a core set of clinical and nonclinical information on all patients like principle and secondary diagnoses/procedures, admission and discharge status, patient demographics, length of stay.

These health care data are required to view and analyze the quality and efficiency of patient care and thus helps in strategic decision-making.

Key Questions:

•  Which all hospitals are performing well in terms of set parameters?
•  What different kind of service lines is available in different hospitals?
•  Is there need of any new service line?
•  How consumers are rating hospitals based on various parameters like location, specialties offered, and ease of getting admitted?

How We Help?

•  Create a baseline hospital file to compare and contrast hospitals based on characteristics
•  Identify and benchmark medical services delivered by a group of hospitals
•  Analyze hospitals based on various criteria such as size, location, services offered
•  Evaluate opportunities for new service lines
•  Prepare custom report on hospital industry trends

Business Impact

•  Enable client to support management decision making at the hospital, regional, and provincial/territorial levels
•  Enable client to have competitive landscaping on hospitals to position themselves better
•  Enable client to collect, process, and analyze procedures for all hospital formalities like admission, treatment, discharge and associated time required

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