IP Services

A Medical Device company’s biggest asset is its intellectual property, and it becomes very critical to keep track of own IPs and to monitor or check competitor activities on IP.

Intellectual property development, protection and identification are the few activities which play very important role for company’s success. To develop a new product, companies need to be sure that there are no existing patents for similar devices.

Key Questions

•  Who has most patents for a given therapeutic area?
•  What are the current trends in patenting activity?
•  How patent infringing can be monitored and what are the laws governing infringement?
•  Determine trends in patenting among competitors?

We provide comprehensive patent analysis as part of our intellectual property services. This includes analysis of the technology of a given patent as well as the landscape - both legally and structurally of that patent and the current status of your competitors

How We Help?

•  We provide you with complete intellectual property database for better understanding of IP scenario
•  We constantly look for new therapy area and new geographies for your current intellectual property

Analysis Involved:

•  IP Strategy: We develop patent strategy for Medical Device companies. IP Consulting involves the following dimensions:

      1. Due diligence evaluation of products and companies
      2. In-depth training pertaining to IP strategy

Business Impact:

•  Help client to identify whether IP is unique or already used and provide research and analysis support
•  MRA Group enables our clients to check for any IP infringement to gain complete benefit of IP rights

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