Knowing Disease

Before any medical device is developed, scientists work to understand the disease to be treated as well as underlying cause of the condition

Key Questions:

•  What should sales representatives know about disease before meeting physicians?
•  What is the epidemiology (prevalence, diagnosis and treatment rate) of any particular disease?
•  How does the disease progress?
•  What is the unmet need in target area?

How We Help?

•  Provide measurement of the future potential impact of disease upon the population with respect to new disease cases, prevalence, premature death as well as potential years of life lost from disability and death
•  Provide measurement of the future potential impact of disease upon private sector disposable income and public sector disposable income

Analysis Involved:

•  Etiology Analysis: Our analysis incorporates detailed understanding of the cause of disease or pathologies and clinical characteristics of the patients. Etiology Analysis are carried out by following dimensions:
       1. Disease symptom and severity pathway
       2. Disease treatment pathway
       3. Patient treatment algorithm
•  Epidemiology Analysis: Epidemiological analysis encompasses studying the pattern, causes and effects of health and disease conditions in defined populations. Epidemiological Analysis is measured by following dimensions:
       1. Incidence and prevalence rate calculations
       2. Patient population calculation in defined geography
•  Epidemiology Database: Our database incorporates incidence, prevalence, and patient pool for all the indications and geographies. We understand both the opportunities and limitations associated with using databases for health research. We help our clients to determine if it is feasible and effective to use databases to answer their epidemiology questions. We routinely conduct database research to gain insight on:
       1. Disease prevalence and public health impact
       2. Patient characteristics
       3. Treatment patterns and medical device utilization

Business Impact:

•  To enable client to equip sales team with good understanding of disease to outperform in their work
•  Cost effective in-house training solutions

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