KOL Intelligence

Managing thought leader relationships has become an important priority for medical device companies and Key Opinion Leaders are an important thought leader constituency for medical device companies. KOLs interact with and expect coordination among various types of users in medical device companies like clinical research, contract research, sales, marketing, medical education and clinical affairs.

As pipeline medical devices are less likely to achieve mega hit status, it is crucial to ensure the maximum ROI and ensure maximum acceptance within specific indications. Physicians and institutions increasingly rely on KOL guidance while procurement and recommending new product.

Key Questions:

•  Who all are the KOLs for Medical Devices?
•  How to identify right KOLs?
•  Which conferences they are going to attend?
•  How can one get to know the networks of KOLs and their influencing behavior?

At MRA Group, we have databases of top ranked Key Opinion Leaders who belong to various medicinal specialties and geographical locations. Key opinion leaders are identified and ranked using information from publicly available resources and primary research. We have in-house proprietary tool to identify KOLs and their influencing behavior.

MRA Group’s database provides organizations with an understandable, rationally structured view of KOLs segments by specialty, therapeutic area, region, role, and level of influence.

How We Help?

•  Identification of KOLs – collection of information through primary and secondary research and converting into intelligence
•  Profiling of Key Opinion Leader and ranking based on desired parameters
•  Up-gradation and maintenance of the Key opinion leader database on an ongoing basis
•  Mapping the entire Expert/KOL landscape to see connections, collaborations, networks, and most importantly of all – influence

Analysis Involved:

•  KOL Identification: KOLs are identified based on number of publications (authored and published), involvement in clinical trials (Researcher or investigator), education qualifications, affiliations, social media presence and patient base
•  KOL Database Development: KOL Database are updated live and up-to-date by tracking KOL activity on continuous basis
•  Rising Star Identification and Monitoring: Evaluation of emerging KOLs based on published journals and reports, therapeutic area associated with and affiliations and associations
•  Thought Leadership Management Success Tool: Create more targeted benchmarks and key opinion leader profiles and perform segmentation strategy to identify KOLs

Business Impact:

•  Enable clients to enroll KOLs in active/upcoming clinical study/trials
•  To identify KOLs who can advocate the product and help in other marketing initiatives
•  To identify the top rated KOLs and rising stars in each specialties and geographies to have focused sales and marketing approach

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