Financial Data Analysis

Financial analysis in medical device industry refers to the assessment of a business to deal with planning, budgeting, monitoring, forecasting of all financial details within an organization.

Financial analysis assesses the performance of stocks, bonds and other types of investments. Financial studies involve financial statements and analysis of prices, sales, costs, expenses, and tax rates to determine a company's value by projecting its future earnings.

Analysis Involved:

•  How are competitors’ financial performances in terms of earning, revenues and expenses?
•  What is the trend of investment/expenditures compared to the revenues for different products/verticals?
•  What is the revenue trend of different players?
•  What is the break up for original and licensed brands’ sales of companies and how has it changed over the years?

How We Help?

•  We evaluate company’s financial results, annual reports, investor information, analyst reports and opinion of investor relationship personnel’s in order to get detailed information on the following:
      1. Company performance
      2. Product performance
      3. Quarter earnings
      4. M&A activities
      5. New alliances and associations
      6. Upcoming product/brand
      7. Business plan and forecasts

Analysis Involved:

•  Budgeting Analysis: Analyzing and forecasting the trend of budgets for various products, therapy indications and geographies helps our clients to have a clear idea about their business strategy to achieve the same
•  Revenue Analysis: We analyze various reports in order to provide detailed understanding of the brands which are yielding major share of revenue and the brands which are not yielding any desired revenue and causing diversion in the overall business strategy
•  Business Planning and Forecasting: Our analysis encompasses various parameters, description of a current or future venture, and expansion of project. Our plan provides an opportunity to establish a solid foundation and future plans encompassing predictions.

Business Impact:

•  Enable client to analyze critical business functions, identifies and quantifies the impact of loss of those functions (e.g., marketing, operational, financial) and reallocate the budget accordingly
•  Help client to make sound investment decisions on how best to keep and resume business operations based on various analyzed parameters

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