Launch Excellance Dashboard

Post-marketing and performance optimization of the newly launched device are the most important aspects of the product development cycle in the medical device industry. It is quite crucial to determine the planned/anticipated effects of all such implemented strategies on a regular basis, so that the companies can make a change in their post-launch strategies

Despite of utilization of years of experience and all key parameters at the center of medical device launch, very less launched brands excel in today’s medical device environment. One of the few reasons for this is that companies fail to define and track post-launch success of their brands. Hence, development of launch tracking performance metrics/ dashboards plays very important

•  Dashboards containing KPIs to monitor sales uptake during critical initial weeks of launch
•  Provides national and regional uptake metrics by month, as well as KOLs insights to track procurement and purchase behavior
•  Monthly dashboards with analysis on relevant Key Performance Indicators to monitor sales during critical initial months of launch

How We Help?

•  Inter-brand comparison: Compare the performance of brands in equivalent months/quarters of launch among its competitors
•  Inter-geography comparison: Compare the performance of a particular brand in equivalent months/quarters of launch among the geographies (where it is launched)

Analysis Involved:

•  Launch Analytics: A few of the launched products are failures, while some are very successful. Our unique methodology analyzes the competitor historical product launch details along with tracking their latest innovations and trends. We determine product penetration pattern since their launch by conducting in-depth study of the characteristics of innovation in defined geographies.
•  Market Access Analysis: We understand the implications of wider healthcare market on our client’s products and vice-versa. We determine and distinguish between multiple environments which support the uptake of our client’s products.
•  Performance vs. Target Analysis: We perform deep-dive analysis on the performance of a launched products and the target to be achieved. This helps our clients in evaluating the revenue estimation and budgets for each products.

Business Impact:

•  Launch Excellence Dashboard maximizes uses of data assets while minimizing the use of internal resources, enabling the launch team to focus on value added tasks
•  Helps sales force to identify procurement/advocating physicians, loyal physicians as well as zoom-in on behavior for key MDs
•  Provide timely reports to client on sales performance KPIs such as gain/loss in brand share vs. market
•  Resolve deviations from already implemented plans in a timely and effective manner
•  Fine-tune brand strategies due to potential risks from other competitor brands
•  Help to identify early trends and ensure achievement of short term and long term goals

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