Dashboard Development

The Interactive Dashboards powered by the MRA Group is custom-built and tailored to address specific and strategic questions.

Customized interactive dashboards can be used to monitor sales, competitive landscape, market sizing, epidemiology, regulatory, R&D and KOL opinion trends. The interactive dashboards enable user to navigate specificity in real-time.

Our dashboard offers instant snapshots of designated key performance indicators (KPIs), and provides real-time trend graphs and ad-hoc reports appropriate for business need.

How We Help?

 • We create dashboard by incorporating required data based on specific need
 • Prepare Key Performance Indicators and risk calculators based on dashboard requirement and client need

Analysis Involved:

 • Competitive Landscape Interactive Dashboards:
      1. Device pipeline by company
      2. Predictive trial completion forecasting
      3. Regulatory overlay

 • Market Sizing and Epidemiology Interactive Dashboards:
      1. Procedure-based and indication-based incidence and prevalence of diseases where Medical Devices may be used
      2. Brand Performance Analysis dashboard
      3. Reimbursement tier profiling

 • Regulatory Interactive Dashboards:
      1. FDA submission and approval data
      2. Detailed text mining of advisory committee

 • R&D Interactive Dashboards:
      1. Target identification and evaluation
      2. Target bench marking
      3. IP and publication trend
      4. Clinical trial profiling

 • Valuation and Deal Negotiation Interactive Dashboards:
      1. Asset Relative Valuation Index
      2. Asset Prioritization
      3. Deal trend analytics
      4. Deal Negotiation evidence base creation

 • KOL Analysis Interactive Dashboards:
      1. Identification and evaluation of academic collaborators
      2. Thought leader quantitative bench marking
      3. Social network influence mapping

Business Impact:

 • Help client to understand in and out of brand (Sales, prescriptions, promotional, competitive landscape, historical and predictive analysis) on a single platform
 • Enable client to better monitor key risks thus ensuring more profitable investment and business continuity
 • Dashboard ensure that senior management can take informed decisions based on leading and lagging indicators observed in KPI
 • Interactive Dashboard act as an interactive forum for discussion, adding stakeholder viewpoints, key recent events, and compliance and legislation changes of relevance

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