Competitor Strategy Assessment

Competitor Strategy Assessment provides insights on strategic actions and reactions, effects on the profitability, long term/short term strategies and challenges they are facing to implement the same. This allows company to get competitive edge in the market by understanding direct competition.

Competitor Strategy Assessment encompasses all strategies that provide the understanding about the ultimate growth potential of the company. Importantly, this analysis is applicable at the industry level as well as at SBU (Strategic Business Unit).

Key Questions:

 • Which strategy competitor believes in when it comes to marketing of product?
 • How well client is prepared to face the competition in the particular therapy area?
 • What kind of changes competitors have made in the strategy and what is their impact?
 • Where company stands relative to competitors in the market place?

At MRA Group, we offer exceptionally robust medical device competitive strategy monitoring services, enabling business to gain the competitive advantage that only superior knowledge and actionable insight can provide.

How We Help?

 • We provide client with best market entry strategy by assessing competitors’historic marketing strategies
 • We provide competitor strategy profile right from R&D to marketed product

Analysis Involved:

 • Competitor Assessment: Competitive anticipating, preempting and reacting to competitors’ actions. Competitor assessment incorporates the following dimensions:

      1. Recognizing companies that make devices in the market that pose as direct competitors to our client’s products
      2. Weighing our client's products against competitors' products
      3. Detailed understanding of the market concentration (such as large number of small players or small number of large players)
      4. Measurement of the market's prevailing competitive intensity
      5. In-depth understanding of the competitors' facile market entry
      6. Describing our client’s competitive strategies against competitors and their products

• Scenario Planning and Analysis is used to make flexible long-term plans. It is a method for learning about the future by understanding the nature and impact of the most uncertain and important driving forces affecting the business operations.

Business Impact:

 • Enable clients by understanding competitors strategy and insight which can be worked on for the betterment of current situation in the market

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