Competitive Intelligence - Marketed Products

Medical device industry is facing a lot of challenges, with increasing pressure from upcoming new technologies, and regulatory scrutiny of new products in development. This competitive pressure demands for right information at right time to assess competitors’commercial activities to minimize risk and make winning strategies.

Our customized services address client specific requirements by collating information from secondary research and taking opinion of KOLs by using advanced technologies of primary research

Key Questions

 • What is company’s relative position in the market?
 • How is company growing in relation to competitors?
 • What is the market share of company in specific segment and country?
 • Are brands performing as per the budget and forecast targets?
 • How is brand performing in relation to competitors?
 • Are brands growing as per the expected rates as or slower than the market?
 • How are brands performing in relation to global/country benchmarks?

How We Help?

 • Monitoring changes and financial analysis of competitors’ portfolios and Identifying competitors’ sales structures and commercial priorities
 • Monitoring the positioning of competitive devices and the sales policies
 • Identifying and monitoring the opinion leaders, symposia and conferences organized by competitors
 • Overview of the company including business description, key information/facts and its locations/subsidiaries

MRA Group provides trusted detailed company overviews and financials, licensing and deal information, and comprehensive information by introducing competitive intelligence procedures tailored to the medical device industry requirements.

Our outputs typically include the following areas: Technology analysis, competitor deep-dive and product level analysis. We also provide regular updates and ad-hoc analysis.

Key solution or tailored dashboard customized with additional metrics, KPIs and State-of-the-art graphs and charts for quick and easy insights. This makes our services unique and easy to use and understand.

Analysis Involved:

 • Competitive Intelligence: Competitive Intelligence involves

      1. Competitor Activity Tracker: Tracking, analyzing, and reporting competitor activities are among the most significant and challenging things. MRA Group competitor activity tracking involves:

            a. Monitoring competitors’ tactical and strategic activities
            b. Distributing analyses to clients in the form of alerts

      2. Competitive deep-dive Analysis: In competitive deep-dive analysis, we analyze the following dimensions:

            a. Detailed information about competitors
            b. Complete profile of competitors
            c. Threats they pose to our clients business portfolio
            d. Strategies assessment and their impact in the overall business operations
            e. SWOT analysis of competitors
            f. Customer satisfaction attribute interpretation

 • Competitor Landscape Analysis: Competitor Landscape Analysis refers to in-depth detailsand understanding of competitor product profiles. It begins with a review of the competitors' market presence by customer segment, along with the value chain and/or by geographical market analysis. Analysis of competitors’ strategies isconducted in terms of products and services, strengths and weaknesses and growth models.

 • Business Expansion Analysis: Business Expansion Analysis id carried outin order to identify existing and new growth opportunities. Expansion can either be in the form of product/service development or market expansion or a combination of these two aspects.

Business Impact:

 • Key decision makers get actionable intelligence and a clear picture about the competition to compete in the market
 • Enable clients to develop business strategy by streamlining their marketing efforts

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