Strategic Positioning

Successful positioning based on understanding target’s perspective and motivation, and executing a marketing plan that the brand gets to the right recognition.

Whether you are working to identify and develop out-licensing opportunities for key internal assets, or seeking potential partners and need to react to requests for partnerships, accurate and current information is essential to making the right decision for your organization.

Key Questions:

•  How to monitor competitor business strategy, regarding their publishing, patenting, sales force and R&D activities?
•  What medical devices are being developed in a particular therapy area?
•  Which companies have received funding (over a certain time period, for a certain amount)?
•  What is the sales potential of the device?
•  Are there any deals that are happening for a company?
•  Are my competitors publishing, patenting or reporting at any conferences?

How We Help?

•  We help you build the integrated model that captures product perception, emotional and functional needs of physicians and patients.
•  We keep track of perception and experience of consumer and KOL’s and measure the correlation with sales record.

MRA Group keeps the client updated of preliminary analysis and keeps improving the methodologies, materials and analysis of the research carried out.

MRA Group Strong strategic positioning model empowers your business with excellent foundation to boost efficiency and saves times by minimizing marketing development iterations.

MRA Group helps your business satisfy its bottom line while keeping an eye on the evolving needs of your customers.

Analysis Involved:

•  Brand Positioning Analysis: Brand Positioning motivates a specific physician target to prescribe/use the medical device product for a specific target patient over that brand’s competitors. Positioning can also motivate a specific patient/caregiver target to take action to try to receive a certain brand
•  Price Positioning Analysis: Pricing Positioning involves competitive price mapping in order to understand the maximum and lowest cost of a medical device and then comparing the insights with overall market product pricing.
•  Patient Positioning Analysis (PPA): PPA involves targeting right customer with right product. Our analysis involves patient perspective understanding regarding each and every brand/product i.e. demands analysis, sentimental analysis, pricing analysis and purchase behavior. The detailed analysis also includes the type of patients, their geographical location, product influencer and recommendations from physicians
•  Physician Positioning Analysis: Right physician positioning is essential for targeting right medical device. Our research and analysis incorporates detailed understanding of the class of physicians, their day-to-day practice, specialty, geographical location, patient pull, affiliations and associations. This helps our client to make strategic positioning for each class of physicians

Business Impact:

•  With our advanced analytics, our clients receive precise, powerful and clear understanding of market with charts and presentations.
•  We will guide you for all future activities which will provide you right and meaningful strategies that will differentiate you with your competitors.
•  With our experts, your ability to configure alternative combinations of product positioning, prices, features, sales and marketing expenditures to attain a desired market share and/or top-line sales goal.

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