Brand Valuation

Brand valuation in medical device industry involves the process of estimating the total market value of the brand and it can be approached in many possible ways. Often marketers view a value proposition as merely a series of brand specific messages and not necessarily about the actual value that the brand represents to the customer.

Key Questions:

•  How to measure brand strengths and its key value proposition?
•  How much is my brand worth for? And how it is changing over a period of time?
•  What is my brand loyalty among customers?
•  How do our customers perceive our brands in comparison to our competitors?
•  How should we optimize the marketing budget across the brand portfolio?

How We Help?

•  We analyze consumer/customer perception compared with your competitors
•  Detailed understanding of the entire market size, share and growth
•  In-depth brand loyalty testing among your consumers
•  Accessing the current earning that can be attributed to the brand
•  Forecast future earnings of the brand
•  Brand royalty and profitability analysis
•  Optimization of emotional brand attachment

MRA Group provides customized high-end analytics in order to provide detailed valuation of brand in multiple therapeutic areas. MRA Group draws on all available approaches to brand valuation so that decisions can be made on a more informed basis.

Analysis Involved:

•  Cost Approach Analysis : The cost approach measures the value of a brand as the cost invested in its marketing and promotion. The idea being that customer would not pay more for a brand than it would cost to replace it with some alternatives.
•  Volume Premium Analysis : VPA estimates the value of a brand by the volume premium it generates when compared to a similar but unbranded product or service. This must take into account the premium pricing analysis.
•  Premium Price Analysis : PPA estimates the value of a brand by the price premium it generates when compared to a similar but unbranded product or service. This must take into account the volume premium analysis.
•  Brand Association Analysis : BAA involves in-depth analysis and understanding of brand advertisement, word of mouth publicity, analyzing the way how one product is indirectly linked with other product, pricing of the brand, quality of the product, emotion of the customers/consumers, products and patient compliance schemes offered by the competitor.
•  Attribute Analysis: Attribute Analysis involves evaluating the cost, product feature, competitive brands, therapy area, clinical aspects and marketing strategy in order to evaluate the brand value

Business Impact:

•  Brand valuation helps in understanding the bigger picture of the brand in terms of consumer perspective
•  Merger and acquisition decisions can be made on the basis of brand valuation analysis
•  We help to enable clients to make effective marketing strategy to enhance ROI

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