Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is the extent to which a brand is recognized by potential customers. Brand awareness study is the primary goal of advertising in the early months or years of a product's introduction.

Brand Awareness studies are undertaken in order to understand the consumer perspective regarding a particular brand and how consumers recognize and recall a brand.

Key Questions:

•  How consumers make decision in order to use medical device?
•  Are customers aware of our device?
•  How does a customer recall a device?
•  How is the brand awareness of competitor products and how it is affecting our brand?

How We Help?

•  We help our clients to measure the brand perception of all of your competitive products
•  We map brand recall and brand recognition of each of our clients products by offering customized series of regularly scheduled analysis
•  We measure the effectiveness of promotional campaigns across the multiple channels and provide insights on the same

MRA Group helps manage each of your medical device products recall and recognition as a necessary parameter for enhancing the overall consumer perception and brand awareness.

Analysis Involved:

•  Brand Awareness: Brand awareness is an important way of promoting products. There are multiple factors that differentiate one product from its competitors. So, the brand which maintains the highest awareness among its competitors will usually get the highest sales. Brand Awareness process is determined by the following dimensions:
      1. Recall Analysis: Brand Recall is the extent to which a brand name is recalled among its consumers. We divide brand recall into two segments – “aided recall” and “un-aided recall”
             a. Aided recall measures the extent to which a brand name is remembered when the actual brand name is prompted
             b. Un-aided recall measures the extent to which a brand is recalled at the very first attempt without being prompted. First recalled brand name, "Top of Mind" has a distinct competitive advantage, as it has the first chance of evaluation for purchase       2. Recognition Analysis: The extent to which respondents are able to identify a brand by its attributes. To measure brand recognition and the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, experimental studies are performed on the target groups.Brand recognition is highest when people identify a brand without being explicitly exposed to the company's name, but rather through visual signifiers like logos, slogans, punch line, packaging and colors.High brand recognition can create the difference and results into higher sales among similar products, even if they are of equal quality.

Business Impact:

•  Business loop-holes analysis in the existing brand awareness strategy
•  Strategy development for sales force that maintain desired reach and frequency
•  Promotional material development in order to customize brand recall and awareness programs

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