Clinical Trial Intelligence

In highly competitive and ever changing market, it is of utmost important to have right intelligence to make better business strategy to stay ahead of your competitor.

Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical companies want to understand their competitor’s activities in particular therapy area and research activities to get precise clinical intelligence to make right strategy.

Key Questions:

•  How are clinical trial results for my interested molecule for possible licensing opportunity?
•  What are the pipeline molecules under clinical trial my competitor are working on?
•  What trials have taken place in particular therapy area and what were the outcomes?
•  What are the regulatory and registry challenges for clinical development?

MRA Group offers customized array of services covering mapping to pipeline molecules, detailed information about different parameters such as primary objective, secondary objective, location, challenges, recruitment on/off and special comments.

Clinical Trials Intelligence provides information about current clinical trial to identify design and clinical trial protocols for drugs. Its integration with key intelligence area includes deals, regulatory opinion, and approval and discontinued trials.

How We Help?

•  We analyze clinical trials that are being performed for a molecule in a particular therapy area.
•  We provide deep-dive assessment of the drugs that are in the pipeline for a particular therapy area by evaluating mechanism of action, safety, efficacy, and other valuable parameters.
•  We proactively assess competitors, based on their drug pipeline and their potential to enter into advance development stages.
•  We conduct and analyze both pre and post clinical trial investigative site surveys to gauge site interest/success rate.

Analysis Involved:

•  Clinical Analytics: Clinical Analytics helps in deep-dive analysis of clinical trials/studies being conducted across various segments. This helps in better translation of clinical data into clinically relevant, and actionable information
•  Pipeline Analysis and Mapping: Pipeline Analytics reveal clear picture of “What’s going around” the pipeline molecules among your competitors and provides insights in terms of difference of the objective in the clinical trials and locations.
•  Clinical Intelligence: Clinical Intelligence service utilizes our expertise in technology and Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in order to identify opportunities in clinical data for improved efficacy and cost savings

Business Impact:

•  Understand your marketplace to provide effective opportunity assessments.
•  Identify and model new product acceptance, strategic positioning, behaviorally based on success analogue of clinical trials being performed across indications.
•  Can help medical affairs team and indirectly to other departments with key insights drawn from various clinical trials to make better decisions.

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