Prescribing Behavior

As physicians strive to choose from a myriad of drug options for their patients, they often turn to fellow key opinion leading physicians for knowledge and advice on specific drugs. Key opinion leaders possess a unique credibility, as their validity often stems from years of industry experience and medical affiliations.

As a result, pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical companies are relying heavily on key opinion leaders to help establish the knowledge base about their drugs and expand their markets throughout all stages of life-cycle management.

Key Questions:

•  What is KOL’s prescribing behavior?
•  How many prescriptions are written for my brand vies a vies competitors?
•  What are KOL’s perceptions about my product and how can I change it?
•  How are the messages being conveyed to KOLs by my representatives?
•  How does prescribing behavior change on different parameters of product profile?

At MRA Group, we have experienced team to understand and generate intellectual insight which can directly help our clients to understand key KOL’s prescribing pattern.

MRA Group generates report to cover various geographies to show latest trend in changes of prescription share.

How We Help?

•  Historical trend of prescription pattern
•  Prescription pattern tracking since launch
•  Impact of various parameter on prescribing behavior
•  Early adopters and laggards identification
•  Distributions of prescriptions per prescriber, per patient, per pharmacy
•  Behavior of prescriber in different geography and specialty over time.

Analysis Involved:

•  Rx Analysis: We analyze prescription patter of KOL’s in order to provide our clients with detailed understanding of the prescribing behavior of target KOLs and the factors influencing them.
•  Medication Possession Ratio (MPR) Analysis: The insight reveals the percentage of time a patient has access to medication. MPR is measured by two dimensions:
      1. By a patient’s refill count
      2. By a patient’s pill count
•  Proportion of Days Covered (PDC): PDC examines each day in a period to determine whether the patient has the drug on hand. PDC provides more conservative estimate of adherence compared to MPR when patients are switching drugs or using dual-therapy in a class

Business Impact:

•  Our clients can be confident that the right KOLs are chosen that will impact positively on the commercial success of your product.
•  Identification of the right segment of prescriber to be focused on marketing efforts and KOL management for better ROI.

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