Patient Flow Analysis

Pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical companies always seek to better understand the patient journey as they face a number of complexities to do that will include but not limited to: changing population dynamics, regimen usage, and remission and cure trends.

Patient Flow Analysis (PFA) helps model these complexities and illuminate the mechanics behind them. Patient flow analysis is one of the most powerful tools of all, enabling companies to model the unique flow of patients through a specific disease area and capture variability of treatment process.

Patient longitudinal data from most accepted databases provide a lot of valuable insights on patient behavior and treatment algorithms being followed in practice.

Key Questions:

•  When does switch happens? And why does it happen?
•  What is the patient share at each stage and how it is changing over a period of time?
•  Can I get to know the exact compliance and persistence rate for each product of particular therapy area?
•  What path typically patients follow for particular therapy area in medical treatment journey

How We Help?

•  MRA Group has developed analysis tool that can calculate various parameters of patient longitudinal data like patient compliance, duration of patient response to therapy, and response to various dosing regimen.
•  To get insight on current patient share of your identified products and to know the brand loyalty.
•  We generate key insights to track different activity of patients.

Analysis Involved:

•  Patient Flow Analysis: MRA Group provides detailed understanding of compliance and persistence rate for every product. We solve the gap between prevalence and treatment.
•  Patient Pathway Analysis (PPA): Evaluation and assessment of treatment pathway of patients suffering from disease. The analysis involves all relevant drivers and decision makers that determine which path of care should be followed.
•  Treatment Algorithm/Paradigm: Treatment algorithm determines the different types of therapy to be initiated depending on the level of disease. The analysis involves the usage scope of the product (depending on the available guidelines and recommendations).

Business Impact:

•  Patient flow analysis can provide essential insights, when companies need to understand more about where the areas of risk are
•  Unable to understand source of new/add-on patients from other products.
•  Key decision can be made on the basis of clear understanding of compliance and persistence rate.

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