Sales Force Sizing and Structuring

Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical companies have team of sales force, who are their face for key stakeholders. These sales representatives are responsible for successful marketing of drugs.

Pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical companies often have hundreds, in some cases thousands, of sales people who bring the latest prescription drugs to doctors. These sales representatives must be able to understand and position hundreds of drugs in the market.

Key Questions:

•  How much sales force is required for successful marketing of drugs?
•  What should be the structure of sales force to optimize revenues?
•  How should we allocate sales targets to maximize revenue?
•  How to decide frequency of calls for each product across therapy areas?

How We Help?

•  Sizing and structuring capability allows our clients to determine the optimal size and distribution based on local market understandings.
•  We designed the Sales Forecasting Model to help you assess and prioritize a marketing plan to support a new/existing product prior to investments. It combines survey based research with a mathematical model which considers required elements into account.

Analysis Involved:

•  Sales Strategy: Deep-dive analysis of number of medical sales representatives, number of customers, segmentation level reaches and visit frequency.
•  Territory Alignment: High-end analysis of territory distribution, balanced work load across the geographies and potential evaluation of each geographies
•  Call Planning: Business prospective and focus area evaluation of each medical sales representative on key department and stakeholders. Call frequency distribution planning based on the therapy class, sales force size, target geography, key department and key stakeholder

Business Impact:

•  Help to implement strategy that ensures a sales force will succeed through post-sales support capabilities
•  Offers best-practice solutions to optimize sales force size and structure for new geographies or indications
•  Workflow management that eliminates the need for spreadsheets and manual reconciliation, greatly simplifying process management

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