Sales Analytics

With increasing pressure to ensure maximum return on investment, sales force effectiveness becomes high priority area in global Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical industry.

Alignment between strategy and sales representative’s priority is critical for effective sales department.

Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical companies have team of sales force, who are their face to the Key opinion leaders. These sales representatives are responsible for successful marketing of drugs in to market.

Key Questions:

•  How much sales is happening on each call?
•  How to identify which element of marketing strategy are having most actual prescribing impact?
•  How to achieve sales force effectiveness with ever increasing regulations?
•  What are the performance indicator of effective sales force team?
•  How much sales force is required for successful marketing of drugs in market and how effective they are?
•  How to develop physician’s trust around all aspects of business?
•  How does it provide the right incentives to sales reps, to ensure they are selling the highest value prescription drugs?

MRA Group Forecasting capability can determine the optimal weighting of key sales quota drivers, and through which sales management can customize business plans based on local market conditions.

MRA Group can help you prioritize goals, responsibilities and selling time and to develop the right incentives for the right performance.

MRA Group help to implement strategy that ensures a sales force will succeed through post-sales support capabilities.

How We Help?

•  We provide performance indicators for respective geography to sales managers and sales representatives.
•  We help in analyzing trends in sales and prescribing activity.
•  We rate top and bottom sales representatives based on their overall performance.
•  Help to identify key strengths and weaknesses of the sales representative for training purposes.
•  We help quantify the financial impact of each marketing campaign.
•  Highlight and compare sales representative quality difference across different brands and across companies.

Analysis Involved:

•  Strategic Segmentation of Physicians: We analyze and optimize physician target list to create the right impressions for the right target audience. We help our clients by targeting their customer base at the right level with the right economic value for the best ROI.
•  Sales Territory Planning: We analyze and provide recommendations on the key trends in your geography/market. Detailed analysis includes edge-point territory planning based on the number of super core, core and general target physicians. Territory planning is accomplished in such a way that all your objectives are achieved.
•  Sales Force sizing and Deployment: Sizing and deploying your sales force is a critical task as it can make or break a young company’s ability affect a mature product’s ability to maintain market share in the face of competitive pressure or hit forecasts. We understand what it takes to plan a sales force. We appreciate your specific therapeutic market, have analytical sleight with the data, possess expertise with specialized tools, and have the leadership skills to gather and leverage local knowledge from sales executives to fine tune your territory boundaries and workloads.
•  Promotional Effectiveness: Correlating promotional activities with sales performance is a challenging endeavor. Many factors can play a role – sales calls and speaker programs, etc. We look at the nuances of your products and their markets, review the promotional activities undertaken, and carefully examine the data to ensure that all key factors are analyzed. Our analyses are focused on providing actionable insights at the right level of granularity and we strive to ensure that impact is realized through effective action.

Business Impact:

•  Allow you to reduce your sales cost
•  Give your sales force defined areas of accountability and responsibility
•  Give you a data point to evaluate sales performance
•  Provide you with a structure to maximize sales coverage
•  Can improve the customer experience by providing relationship consistency

Sales Intelligence Dashboard:

•  Sales intelligence dashboards give timely information to support business decisions that territory management and sales performance.
•  Sales representatives can identify their sales efforts, pinpoint untapped potential, and spend more time in the field.
•  It evaluates the sales representative’s performance on a wide range of parameters such as time and territory management, selling skills, sales performance, individual participation and feedback from his immediate supervisor.
•  Dashboard allows the sales management to visualize historical and projected sales quotas.

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