Product Portfolio Optimization

Only 36% of organizations surveyed within the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical sector are satisfied with their return on innovation investment.

With an increasingly challenging environment, there is significant concern in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies about how to identify the most appropriate balance in the portfolio of discovery, development and marketed products to deliver sustainable future value.

From strategic prospective, R&D selection and prioritization problems are the key issues for any company to survive in the industry. Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical company’s decisions related to portfolio are crucial to the success of a company. Companies are vulnerable to a decrease in front line, if there are any undressed changes with the key brands such as patent expiry, unexpected competition or any regulatory concerns.

Key Questions:

•  What factors influence on a company's sales?
•  What strategies will provide consistent growth which adjusted with risk?
•  How does a strategy of diversification reduce the impact of pharmaceutical portfolio?
•  Which companies have the most diversified pharmaceutical portfolios?
•  What are the wise decisions on drug development or product development in the current industry environment?
•  What tools, techniques are used to balance the portfolio from research to marketed products?

MRA Group provides innovative way which can stimulate our client’s thoughts and helps them to develop strategies to overcome the industry's challenges.

Insights provided by MRA Group gives an idea to balance risk against returns, making trade-offs between opportunities at different development stages across all the therapeutic area.

How We Help?

•  We use simulation, analysis and optimization to analyze and optimize portfolio decision.
•  As companies look to build the diversified portfolio, MRA Group provides with therapeutic area, business development and corporate strategies to get an edge over other in highly competitive environment.
•  We provide unique insight on the challenging environment and the competitive landscape. This will help to diagnose the challenges and how the environment is changing.

Analysis Involved:

•  Portfolio Optimization: The process involves studying the proportions of various products/brands to be held in a portfolio, in such a way as to make the portfolio better than any other according to some criterion. The criterion will combine, directly or indirectly, considerations of the expected value of the portfolio's rate of return as well as of the return's dispersion and possibly other measures of financial risk
•  Sharpe Ratio Analysis: Sharpe Ratio will express the relationship between performance of a scheme and its volatility, thus signifying a relatively less risky scheme
•  Sortino Ratio Analysis: Sortino Ratio will measure performance of the brand/product against the downward deviation, thus revealing the negative and positive volatility associated with the investment
•  Conjoint Analysis: Conjoint Analysis is composed of multi-attribute compositional models which reveal the consumers understanding and purchase behavior towards a particular product. With multiple trade-offs, deep-dive analysis will reveal the relative importance of component attributes.

Business Impact:

•  Our diverse decision making, will help you to understand the benefits and risks of pursuing strategies to stay ahead against your competitors.
•  Your organization will benefit from our formulating strategy that can bring sustainable competitive advantages by pulling information from a wide range of sources, and providing analysis that is based on facts and logic.
•  Our analysis will help identify how other competitors have achieved portfolio optimization and the techniques they use to stay ahead of the game.

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