Market Sizing and Forecasting

Products take many years to develop and need high investments, so companies have to be sure that the market is sufficiently attractive and that they understand key market dynamics well in advance.

Forecasting teams and brand managers turn to MRA Group for innovative forecasting solutions, market opportunity assessments, reimbursement and market access guidance.

Key Questions:

•  What will be the growth of the market in coming years?
•  How will the new launch change the sales of my products?
•  How a new launch products uptake curve will be?
•  What will be the patient share dynamics in particular geography and indication in the future?
•  What kind of changes (events) will come in the Epidemiology and market? What will be their impact?

MRA Group provides a forecasting platform which is simple and integrates the process and produces realistic forecasts by combining quantitative/quantitative data, collected by secondary research and primary research thus providing an opportunity to perform forecasting.

How We Help?

•  We create sales forecasting platform which enable our clients to perform forecasting for desired products
•  We perform product forecast for almost all the geographies
•  Quarterly/Monthly updates on recent events and the impacts on upcoming forecast releases

Analysis Involved:

•  Market Sizing: Market Sizing is an important driver of developing marketing and sales strategy, licensing, merger and acquisition deals. Our market sizing methodology incorporates niche level analysis covering the market share (product and company), focused market evaluation and market size of focused products.
•  Forecasting: Our forecasting service enables our clients to understand and estimate the future of their products and the patients pull across the geographies. With different methodologies, we enable analytic insights, convert patients to revenue model, and change over trended data into forecast outputs. Forecasting is measured by following dimensions.

Business Impact:

•  Plan sales and budgets with greater accuracy
•  Making strategy to maintain the impact of my product on market.
•  Planning of new product launch for long term duration.
•  Impact of new product launch on market sales.
•  Understand factors that drive sales
•  Effective product, channels and sales strategy development

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