Rx Dynamics

Rx dynamics provides longitudinal information about patient drug use patterns, physician prescribing choices, and the dynamics of brand competition. It reports the source of business for product and its competitors with valuable insight about how the product is being prescribed and purchased within the market.

Rx dynamics helps to examine key performance factors for identified product including but not limited to: Volumes and share of switching and add-on business; volumes and share of first line business; Average daily dose; retention and compliance for your brand and its competitors; demographics of brand usage (age and gender); utilization by inferred indication.

When it comes to understanding identified patient usage patterns, physician prescribing behavior and the dynamics of brand, knowing the true or primary source of business becomes essential to frame effective sales and promotional strategies.

Key Questions:

•  How is a market and consumer trend affecting prescription dynamics?
•  How are my products performing when compared to its competitors?
•  What is my competitor product prescription share compared to the overall market?
•  What is the optimum positioning for my products?

On a monthly basis, MRA Group reports the source of business for your product and its competitors, providing you with invaluable insight into how the product is being prescribed and utilized within the market.

Rx Dynamics are reported as a series of comprehensive custom tailored analyses in online dashboard format; MRA Group provides an accurate measure of longitudinal drug utilization in your selected therapeutic markets.

How We Help?

•  Our comprehensive service provides full picture of Rx market, along with domain knowledge in all indications
•  Our research solutions support across product life cycle, from brand perception, to advertising optimization and physician/patients satisfaction.
•  We identify consumer behavior and latest experience at every stage of brand, products or services.
•  We deliver a rigorous understanding of market dynamics affecting brand performance and growth drivers

Analysis Involved:

•  Rx Dynamics:
      1. Analysis and tracking of number and share of old, new and total patients
      2. Identification of early adopter, laggard and mediocre prescribers
      3. Analysis of business source including switch, first-line and/or add-on
      4. Analysis on concomitant drugs and co-morbid clinical conditions

Business Impact:

•  Enabled client to provide insights to support sales strategy
•  Enabled client to measure and analyze new, repeat, and total prescription along with number of patients to identify the scope of Rx share improvement
•  Enabled client to identify the source of business to do more effective business planning and optimization of resources utilization

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