In-out licencing

In highly competitive business environment, pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical companies are expanding their market share by exploring option for In/out-licensing and extensive drug development programme.

Success rate of new drug development is too low and R&D expenses and cost to take molecule to market have risen significantly, so it is difficult to achieve competitive edge. In this scenario companies achieve sustainable growth by strategic business development.

To know the drug potential, it requires a precise analysis of available data which is spread across multiple sources and it will be time consuming.

Key Questions:

•  What are the best strategies in developing an effective licensing deal?
•  What is the strategic fit molecule/company? How to identify it?
•  What is the right value of identified molecule for In/Out licensing?
•  What can be done to optimize licensing deal values through collaborative evaluation?
•  What lessons can be drown from the key successful deals and deal makers of past years?
•  Is there any intellectual property infringement issues related to identified assets?

When there is need to make a business decision quickly, we can provide insights to help to make successful licensing decisions.

MRA Group Licensing screening team is comprised of professionals that are specifically dedicated to helping our client develop a pro-active approach to licensing deal. Upon project initiation, we can design a method, execute and deliver results in time bound manner.

How We Help?

•  Exploit in/Out licensing opportunities by identifying windows of opportunity to fill portfolio gaps.
•  Coverage of current pipeline molecules in various stages of drug development across geographies.
•  Analysis of partnership and licensing deals based on clinical stage of development of products.
•  Evaluate major deal performing segments for business development in your industry.
•  Get the insight of how competitors are financed, and the mergers and partnerships that have shaped the pharmaceutical industry.
•  Assessment of the policies and control procedures used to monitor your alliances along with recommended improvements

Business Impact:

•  Client will be equipped with a detailed technical understanding as well as an insight of the commercial aspect of the deal to avoid any unanticipated results at a later stage.
•  The strength and weakness highlighted from our team of expert researcher will help client to take more informed decision for business development.
•  Client will getdeal structure made with commercial aspect and a sound technological and legal stance.

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