Generic Erosion

Payers in all countries are increasingly interested to increase in the usage of generics as a relatively painless approach to cost containment due to rapid increase in healthcare expenditures.

Early intelligence can create the difference as generics market is gaining momentum and facing intense competitive, companies should look to get the all-important market exclusivity information and the opportunities with generic products

Key questions:

•  What is the general trend of patent expiry in every country? Does it depend on therapy area?
•  Which products are losing patent and exclusivity protection and their expected erosion?
•  What are the rates of generic erosion following patent expiration in each year?
•  To what extent did originator brands’ market shares decline after eight quarters of generics competition?
•  What policies has the government implemented to expand the generics market?
•  What kind of competition can be expected in generic?
•  What measures has the government recently adopted to stimulate demand for generics?
•  What action have local payers taken to promote the use of generics?

MRA Group can equip you with the expert guidance, Analysis, and required knowledge to understand the erosion well in advance to utilize maximum declined stage of the product.

We can analyze the erosion pattern for all the major geographies to evaluate the standard decline in the sales of various brands.

How We Help?

•  Compare geographical erosion trend across all geographies and the therapy areas.
•  Competitive landscape of generic entries with their impact on the market with KOL input.
•  Compare price decline in generic molecules in each geographies across all the therapy areas.

Analysis Involved:

•  Generic Erosion Analysis: Detailed analysis of originator brands’ loss of market share over a certain interval of time that have lost market exclusivity in recent years. Generic Erosion Analysis is measured across the following dimensions:
      1. Therapy area
      2. Indication
      3. Class of Drug
      4. Analogs

•  Product Value Risk Analysis: Deep-dive product value risk evaluation to generic competition

•  Cross-country Comparison: Evaluation of generic erosion trend across the geographies which are having similar healthcare and regulatory system.

Business Impact:

•  Maximizes the uses of data assets and minimizing utilization of internal resources, to gain detailed understanding of generic erosion.
•  Pricing team can take help in revising their pricing strategy after viewing the changing dynamics of the market.
•  To understand KOL’s perception about generic products.

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