Country Analytics

The pharmaceutical industry is currently undergoing a period of very significant transformation. Drug companies compete vigorously – with themselves, generic producers, and with related-health companies who want a share of their action.

As companies develop their new pipelines they must be mindful of changes caused by regulations and deregulations in countries all over the globe

This global competitive environment creates challenges and opportunities for the companies – with equal importance for the communities in which they reside.

The pharmaceutical country profile includes indicators to measure key aspects of a country's pharmaceutical situation and systematically monitor the progress of efforts to improve access to essential medicines

Key Questions:

•  What is the healthcare structure/scenario of target country?
•  How much is the healthcare spending?
•  What is the healthcare expenditure per capita?
•  How does the regulatory system work?

       1. Which department in the overall regulatory system can help you to introduce your drug in the market?
       2. What are the requirements for regulatory approval?

•  Is there any public and private reimbursement policy?
•  Is my pharmaceutical drug/product covered under the reimbursement policy?
•  Does government play any role in pharmaceutical product pricing?
•  Who are the key competitors of your product?
•  Who are the local and multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers
•  Who are the policy makers?

How We Help?

•  To analyze the current situation, major challenges and the prospects of the pharmaceutical industry in selected geography
•  To identify major players in pharmaceutical industry and make a comparative analysis of their business practices and financial results

Analysis Involved:

•  Current Scenario Analysis: Analysis involves the overall country scenario study, pharmaceutical market growth rate, new drug launches, new drug filings, and generic vs. patented market study, population and demography analysis.
•  Healthcare Analysis: Research incorporates in-depth analysis of country specific healthcare system scenario, decision and advocacy group study, and key stakeholder department roles and responsibilities mapping
•  Import-export Analysis:Import-export analysis provides insights on overall picture of the entire pharmaceutical market. Growth rate analysis of import-export business, quality and economic scenario study and regulatory department analysis helps in detailed understanding of import-export business model and how local as well as multi-national players can plan a keen role in the entire business operations.
•  Pharmaceutical Player Analysis:The study incorporates the existing local pharmaceutical players along with MNCs and analyses the market share and growth. This helps our clients to get detailed understanding of the entire market and how can they penetrate, launch a new product and gain market share.
•  Government Initiatives and Investment Analysis: Our analysis encompasses the steps taken by the government in the field of pharmaceuticals, regulatory section, overall investment and reimbursement space. This helps our clients to introduce their product into the market.

Business Impact:

•  Detailed understanding of healthcare structure helps in making strategic decision for market entry
•  Getting an idea on healthcare spending provides insights on the consumer purchase power/behavior
•  Understanding of regulatory system provides insights on the drug approval process, regulatory loop-hole insights. Our clients get to know about the key departments who play a major role in the drug approval process
•  Overall understanding of the public and private reimbursement system opens the door to pricing strategy
•  Get-to-know the government strategy in designing reimbursement policy and product pricing
•  Overall understanding of the pharmaceutical market, key players across the therapeutic class, detailed understanding of local as well as multi-national manufacturers and suppliers.

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