Key Message Analysis

Product messaging focus conveys the messaging focus of a promotional item. Promotional items are cataloged by key subject matter such as efficacy, safety, mechanism of action (MOA), patient access, and administration.

Product messaging focus analysis helps you to identify differentiation opportunities in messaging. A new market entrant might stand out by focusing on patient access if the competition is focusing on efficacy and safety.

Whether your goal is to maximize product life cycle or develop a pre-launch messaging campaign, you have a very specific set of questions that needs to be answered.

By combing research for message recall and sales force effectiveness, MRA Group saved the pharmaceutical company money, used the doctors’ time more effectively, and provided information on both of these metrics in a timely manner. Armed with the results, the company was able to determine the relevancy of brand messaging as well as its sales force’s effectiveness.

Last, Answers & Insights designed the phone survey so that they could gather information on the type of messages being delivered by the competition, which was helpful in understanding what physicians were being exposed to and what was going to be most effective in product differentiation.

Key Questions:

•  Which message the physician considered to be the main one for the product?
•  Was the message important, believable, relevant and motivating?
•  Whether the key message compelled our customer them to prescribe
•  How well is our brand message resonating with physicians?
•  How effective are our sales representatives in presenting product benefits, asking for the business, and, ultimately, influencing prescribing behavior?

By mixing the attributes and observing the responses, MRA Group can show which attributes are statistically preferred and likely to have the most impact on product choice. All this can be used to develop product profiles and estimate market share, revenue potential and profitability, ultimately, providing a clear data-driven direction for the company’s next move.

How We Help?

•  Assesses the market place to provide a relative competitive comparison of your product
•  Evaluates the strength of your brand in terms of name recognition, perception of quality, brand values and price premium
•  Evaluates consumer response to a product idea prior to the introduction of a product to the market
•  Identify best strategy to attract the largest number of consumers
•  Quantifies customer knowledge, perceptions, intentions and behaviors in relationship to your company or product
•  Tests and estimates causal relationships between variables

Analysis Involved:

•  Leave Behind Literature (LBL) Analysis: Every pharmaceutical company employs sales and marketing personnel for promoting their product/brand to physicians. All product/brand are promoted with “A Key Message” which creates a product/brand impact among the physicians. Our LBL analysis encompass detailed understanding of all key messages used by marketing and sales personnel across the therapeutic segment in order to understand the promotional strategy and physicians perception of each and every product/brand.

•  Message Testing: Message Testing is analyzed based on the following dimensions:
       1.Message Delivery Analysis – Physicians: Pharmaceutical companies deliver different messages to different specialty of physician’s who are prescribing the same drug among their patients belonging to same indication. We analyze these key messages in order to provide detailed understanding of the impact on prescribing behavior of physicians.
       2. Message Delivery Analysis – Indications: Some drugs can be used across multiple indications and so for each target indication, pharmaceutical companies deliver different messages. Our analysis incorporates detailed insights of the key messages delivered by marketing and sales team to the physicians and their impact analysis on the prescribing behavior.

Business Impact:

•  Understand the key message which triggers the target physicians to prescribe a particular molecule/product
•  Analyze, revise and interpret LBLs to gain prescription and market share among your customers

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