Dashboard Development

The Interactive Dashboards powered by the MRA Group can be custom-built, tailored to address your specific, strategic questions.

MRA Group role-based Dashboards provide your business with real-time business intelligence across all areas of your company - from sales to support.

Customized interactive dashboards can be customized to monitor key transactional, competitive landscape, market sizing, epidemiology, regulatory, R&D, and key opinion leader trends. The interactive dashboards enable disease-area specificity and user-driven filtering and sorting in real-time.

Our dashboard offers instant snapshots of your designated key performance indicators (KPIs), and provides real-time trend graphs and ad-hoc reports appropriate for each role in your business.

How We Help:

•  We focus on information that matters most to our client. The Interactive Dashboard can include Risk Calculators and the ability to select indices and weightings for any specific risk calculation or monitoring exercise across all countries worldwide.
•  Ensuring accurate and up to date information is communicated to decision makers promptly, thus improving business decisions company-wide.
•  The Interactive Dashboard can also act as an interactive forum for discussion, adding stakeholder viewpoints, key recent events, and compliance and legislation changes of relevance

Competitive Landscape Interactive Dashboards:

•  Pipeline by company
•  Pipeline by class of drug and mechanism of action
•  Predictive trial completion forecasting
•  Regulatory overlay

Market Sizing and Epidemiology Interactive Dashboards:

•  Procedure-based and indication-based incidence and prevalence of diseases
•  Brand Performance Analysis dashboard
•  Incidence and prevalence
•  Reimbursement tier profiling

Regulatory Interactive Dashboards:

•  FDA submission and approval data
•  Detailed text mining of advisory committee
•  Detailed dosing and formulation detail

R&D Interactive Dashboards:

•  Target identification and evaluation
•  Target benchmarking
•  Pathway/Systems biology based analysis
•  IP and publication trend
•  Clinical trial profiling
•  Trial complexity and forecast modeling

Valuation and Deal Negotiation Interactive Dashboards:

•  Asset Relative Valuation Index
•  Asset Prioritization
•  Deal trend analytics
•  Deal Negotiation evidence base creation

KOL Analysis Interactive Dashboards:

•  Identification and Evaluation of Academic Collaborators
•  Thought leader quantitative benchmarking
•  Social network mapping
•  Social network influence mapping

Business Impact:

•  The Interactive Dashboard helps to improve risk management proficiency through quicker and easier access to information on business risk exposure and forecasting.
•  It also empowers clients to better monitor key risks thus ensuring more profitable investment and business continuity.
•  MRA Group dashboard are real-time thus helping our clients to understand in and out of brand (Sales, Prescriptions, Promotional, Competitive Landscape, historical and predictive analysis)
•  We present real-time performance at a glance and saving time in analyzing reports. Our dashboards ensure that your senior management can take informed decisions based on leading indicators such as clinical, patient and marketing and sales measures, and lagging indicators such as financial measures.
•  Our dashboards enable your employees to actively and creatively participate in the decision-making process and achieve goals based on a clear definition and representation of key performance indicators. In addition, our dashboards facilitate clear communication and feedback regarding objectives and measures.

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