MRA Group is a specialist service provider of end-to-end Research and Advisory solutions to Global healthcare industry across all the therapeutic areas and geographies.

Research Capability:

Primary Research

1) Qualitative Research:

•   In-depth Interviews (ID): Key characteristics of In-depth Interviews:

     a) Non-directive interviews – Exploratory research
     b) Semi-structure format – Detailed probing questions based on the response of previous question
     c) Seeking Understanding and Interpretation – We try to interpret what we hear, as well as seek clarity and develop a deeper           understanding from the respondent throughout the interview
     d) Conversational – Smooth transition from one topic to next
     e) Recording Responses – Our quality norms: We provide 100% audio recordings to our clients along with web based live              reporting
     f) Non-verbal Observation – We observe, record and interpret non-verbal behaviors of the respondent on the field as they                 occur with respect to each questions/discussions
     g) Reflections – We record our views and feeling immediately after the interview and provide the digital audio recording of               researcher’s observation along with interview recording

•   Dyads: An interview technique which involves two respondents and a moderator who may or may not know each other. Dyadic interviewing offers an efficient, parsimonious, and valuable insight in our qualitative research. It helps our researcher to remain in role, protect the credibility, and produce evidence of authenticity of data quality
•   Triads: An interview technique which involves three respondents and a moderator who may or may not know each other. Triad participants may be recruited to form a homogenous group, or alternatively to set up a degree of conflict (Example: Where each member takes a particular view on an issue, or uses a quite different brand of the same product)
•   Patient Diaries: We analyze patient diaries to gather qualitative information about patients' experiences in order to help shape services. Patient diaries provide a record of each day’s events written for/by the patient him/herself. Patient Diaries can be written by members of the multi-disciplinary/physician team, families and close friends
•   Focus Group Discussion (FGD): MRA Group moderators are highly experienced in healthcare sector and are specialized in multiple therapeutic areas. When we carry out focus groups and require a more sensitive approach with patients, we know which moderator would best fit the research needs
•   Virtual Round Table (VRT): VRT provides an opportunity to collaborate, share ideas, and comment on any subject. Our Virtual Roundtables employ the latest online collaboration tools, from threaded conversations to webinars

2) Quantitative Research:

•   Face-to-Face: We conduct F2F interview to understand the respondent behavior, attitude, expression to any questions or facts, and body language
•   Computer Aided Telephonic Interview (CATI): We are committed to the highest globally accepted CATI survey research standards. Our additional features with excellent supervision are in multi-mode interviewing, TDI’s, Customer satisfactions studies, Consumer product, Business – to – Business interviewing to provide a great height to research
•   Computer Aided Personal Interview (CAPI): CAPI is used more often, especially for quick turnaround surveys. Our interviewers are highly experienced and it is a major factor, because the methodological survey-literature stresses the importance of good (non-verbal) communication and harmony between interviewers and respondents. Our CAPI structure is composed of sample selection, office management systems, transmission, remote device and survey software
•   Computer Aided Web Interview (CAWI): CAWI is economic and quicker than its competitive research pathways. CAWI removes the interviewer’s subjective influence. With CAWI, it is possible to integrate commercials to get detailed understanding and is possible to integrate highly complicated questionnaires (For example conjoint analysis, analog and respondent perceptions) and it offers a great advantage of paperless data collection
•   Virtual Round Table (VRT): VRT provides an opportunity to collaborate, share ideas, and comment on any subject. Our Virtual Roundtables employ the latest online collaboration tools, from threaded conversations to webinars
•   Online Surveys: Online surveys are faster, economic, accurate, quick and easy to analyze, easy for the participant, and is more honest, selective and flexible. Few of its challenges are limited sampling, respondent availability and possible co-operation between respondent and researcher

3) Secondary Research:

•    Our secondary research team comprises of domain experts and data experts who extract and verify data from both public and subscribed database in order to understand the bigger picture of the overall objective of the research.

Domain Capability

•    Qualification and Experience Summary

Analytics Capability

•   We are familiar and have a highly efficient capability to analyze the public and subscribed database. We carry core knowledge in the sales (value and volume), prescription, promotional, pipeline, R&D, regulatory and approval, economic and social data


•    FocusVision: FocusVision is the leading global provider of live video transmission, analysis and archive solutions for the qualitative market research industry. FocusVision increases key stakeholder participation, avoid the cost of travel, and enhances the analysis and reporting process. FocusVision offers superior audio and video quality, increases reliability, security and privacy, dynamic camera option and largest global facility network
•    One-way-mirror: One-way-mirror is sound proofed along with client viewing room seating for 4 people, very plush client lounge and comfortable respondent reception area. This helps our clients to be physically present during the discussion without being noticed by the respondents
•    Data Security: Our data security and compliance comprises of wireless security, Vulnerability Security Scan, Penetration Security, Device Security, Data Security and Data Encryption – This makes our clients data protected and encrypted
•    CATI Centre: We have 100+ CATI systems with 24x7 interviewers and moderators who conduct interview/discussion across the therapy and geography


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